Criminal Defense


The answer is, most likely, YES.  In a criminal case, it almost always makes sense for the accused to hire a criminal defense attorney because the stakes are usually high.  You will likely be facing fines, probation, and/or incarceration, so it makes sense to spend the money necessary to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to explore all possible defenses and hopefully avoid any of these outcomes.

Retain Counsel As Early As Possible

I have already stated that in almost all criminal situations the Defendant would greatly benefit from hiring a criminal defense attorney.  Another common question is at what point in the criminal procedure process should I retain a lawyer?  The answer is, as early as possible.  The earlier in the process you retain a lawyer, the better your chances are of a successful outcome.  




  •  It is very important during/after an arrest that you DO NOT MAKE ANY STATEMENTS, do not try to explain your side of the story, or try to argue your way out of the arrest, and contact me immediately.
  • I also highly urge you to contact myself or another experienced criminal defense attorney BEFORE spending any funds for bail because I am often successful in getting the bond amount reduced.  

If you or a family member  have been arrested or charged with a crime, I strongly advise contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.  Here is a list of some of the types of criminal charges I have successfully handled (I can represent you no matter the charge you are facing, the following list are just examples) :

  • DUI, Driving With Suspended License, Other driving related misdemeanors 
  • Drug related offenses/Paraphernalia, possession, distribution
  • Firearms related crimes
  • Theft, Burglary,Robbery, Dealing in Stolen Property
  • Battery, Domestic Battery 
  • Injunctions, violations of injunctions
  • Violation of Probation

I offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION via phone or in person to discuss your case.  I can be reached 24/7 by email at or by phone at (904) 982-4976.

Florida Criminal Procedure Basic Overview

  1. FIRST APPEARANCE:    This will be the first hearing after a person is physically arrested and taken into custody.  First appearance occurs 24-48 hours after arrest.  The Judge will determine whether there was probable cause to arrest you and will set your bond or other release conditions.   If possible, retaining myself or another experienced criminal defense attorney at this point can possibly result in a lesser bond amount.
  2. FILING OF FORMAL CHARGES:  In the State of Florida,  most of the time criminal charges are filed by the State Attorney with a document called an ‘Information.”  For minor misdemeanors or municipal ordinance violations, you can be charged with the crime by an officer issuing you a ‘Notice to Appear,’ which is sometimes referred to as a ‘citation.’
  3. ARRAIGNMENT:  After the Defendant has been arrested and charged, usually the next hearing is called the arraignment.  At this hearing, the Defendant will enter a plea to the crime(s) to which he/she is being charged.
  4. TRIAL:  Most criminal cases end before trial.  Trial is a long and expensive process.  The time between arraignment and trial is generally  when the State and Defendant’s lawyer negotiate and eventually reach a plea agreement.